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Mothers Day Flowers

History and Traditions of Mother's Day

The History of Mother's Day

The celebration of Mother's Day has long been a springtime tradition in the UK with roots going as far back as Ancient Greece, before the time of Christ. The Greeks honored Rhea, Mother of the Gods, every Spring in a celebration of fertility. Later, the Ancient Romans continued the practice by honouring their own Mother Goddess, Cybele, with three days of parades, feasts and merriment. The early Christian Church began the tradition of honoring the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year. From there, the celebration of Mothering Sunday - as it came to be known in the Church - spread to the British Isles.

In the 1600's, it became custom in England to visit the local parish's Mother church on Mothering Sunday. This provided a reunion of sorts for families that had become spread apart throughout a given region. Children, already working away from home as servants, would bring flowers and baked goods to the church to give to their mothers. For many, this was the only day of the year that they would see their mothers. In many parts of England, other members of the family would do the mother's work for the day, offering her a chance to rest.

By the end of the 20th century, the tradition of Mother's Day had spread virtually around the world with most countries honouring their mothers on the second Sunday of May. The UK, however, still keeps with the tradition of celebrating Mother's Day on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year.

Mother's Day Flowers

The long-standing tradition of offering flowers to mothers on Mother's Day still holds strong today. Presenting Mum with a beautiful bouquet of flowers remains that the most preferred method of honouring mothers for their commitment to their families. There are numerous flowers to choose from when purchasing an arrangement for your mother - everything from the most traditional to the more modern.

Roses are a classic favourite. They are available in many different colours, but the most popular for mothers are white, pink and yellow.

Gerbera is the most common choice for a Mother's Day bouquet with pink being the preferred colour choice.

Freesia offers an extremely aromatic bouquet and are available in an array of colours.

Carnations are an inexpensive and popular choice for many. In America, white carnations are worn on the lapel on Mother's Day to honour deceased mothers and grandmothers, while pink carnations are given to living mothers. In the UK, carnations are available in a myriad of colours, any one of which makes a beautiful and vibrant bouquet.

Tulips are a more modern choice for Mother's Day, having become popular over the last decade. Pink is far and away the most popular colour choice and provides a chic arrangement.

Lilies are another more modern choice. They offer an elegant presentation whether alone or in a grouping. Adding lilies to mixed bouquets is also popular.