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Fabulous Flowers for Valentines Everywhere

Fabulous Flowers for Valentines Everywhere!
Saying I love you this Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to revolve around the old favourite, the red rose! Although the beauty of this ancient flower is not to be underestimated there are many other fantastic flowers out there to wow or woo a loved one.
It’s a good idea to think carefully about the type of message you’re trying to convey to the one you love. Is it true love, friendship, passion or a simple matter of trying to show how much you care after all these years? Here is a great list of flowers that have different meanings for every intention.

Top 10 flowers that say I love you
Of course saying I love you is traditionally the preserve of the red rose. But the buck doesn’t stop with this traditional flower. Here’s our top ten:

  1. Red Rose- This flower has now become one of the most powerful floral symbols of never ending love. A single rose with a closed bud means “I Love You”. A red rose whose bud has opened into full bloom means "I love you with all of my heart and soul."
  2. Red carnations- You might think grandma when it comes to these old fashioned beauties but when nestled into an arrangement they can become quite the statement flower.
  3. Azaleas- A flowering shrub that’s part of the rhododendron family, this makes a real impact so spectacular that this gift is bound to get a wow.
  4. Jasmine- These beautiful white flowers are both delicate in looks and scent. Their beauty makes this flower whether bought cut or as a plant a wonderful floral gift.
  5. Lavender- Whether the traditional English or fragrant French the relaxing qualities of this plant is a sure fire hit with women everywhere
  6. Honeysuckle- The scent of the honeysuckle plant is iconic and is enjoyed by many women of every taste.
  7. Myrtle- With its shiny leaves and fragrant flowers this unusual choice still means I love you to all those who receive this precious plant.
  8. Red tulips-The tulip with its beautiful bell shape petals are a recognised choice but can still make an impact.
  9. Blue violets- A refined, elegant and thoughtful choice, violets make a sensational statement to anyone lucky enough to receive these pretty flowers.
  10. Lilac- If you are in a new relationship then look no further than the beautiful lilac. It is supposed to represent the innocence of new love.

Faithful flowers:
If it’s not just the sentiment of love that you wish to convey to a long term partner then look no further than these flowers.

1) Dahlias
2) Heliotropes
3) Hydrangea
4) Red salvia
5) Rosemary
6) Bird of Paradise
7) Lemon blossom
8) Veronica

Puppy Love!
The quirky but cute and colourful anemones are meant to symbolize anticipation. These flowers are widely available around Valentine’s Day and make a great change from the traditional red. Also available in spring are the many coloured and very fragrant hyacinths, in blue they are said to symbolise constancy or sincerity, whereas pink hyacinths are for playfulness.

Flowers for desire and passion
If you can’t send flowers to represent both your desire for that special man or woman, guy or girl on Valentine’s Day the when can you? There are many flowers that are said to demonstrate love’s burning passion and desire, these include:
1) The red or yellow Iris
2) Peach blossoms
3) Larkspurs
4) Jonquils

Love at first sight
Struck by the love bug and want to show your feelings of love at first site then why not order some gladioli! These long elegant flowers make a statement as big as the one you feel.

Expressing Beauty
The elegant and refined orchid is the perfect flower to send if you wish your loved one to know you think he or she is beautiful. These exotic flowers and plants are available in a range of colours. These striking blooms last and last, especially if sent as a plant.
The fresh and peppery scent of the beautiful freesia is said to denote the trust a couple have between one another. The perfume alone is a glorious way to enchant any Valentine. To show your loving thoughts then why not send pansies. If potted or planted out they can make a great window box display and are a great lasting reminding for your loved one about how you feel.

Thinking of eloping?
Eloping these days is a pretty rare event but should the mood of the moment carry you away then send your lover spider flowers, he or she (if they know the meaning!) will be sure to be putty in your hands!

Married bliss
Valentine’s Day is not just a special day for new or young lovers. In fact if you have been married a while then you could argue that sending flowers is another way of showing how much you care. Married couples also have their own dedicated flowers to represent their love:

Lily of the Valley- Its heady fragrant bouquet says “you’ve made my life complete.”

Orange blossom- can be a wish for fertility and also a declaration of eternal love.
Let us not forget that the meaning behind so many flowers isn’t always known to those who have received them. The red rose speaks for itself but other meanings are not so obvious. In this case it is very important that if you have taken the time to research and construct a bouquet of unusual flowers, you accompany them with a note explaining why you made your choice, this helps to make the gift even more personal.

Whatever flowers you choose to give this Valentine’s Day from the historic red rose to the exotic and exciting orchid be sure that the meaning is as clear to your loved one as it is to you. Simple statement bouquets often have the most impact and are guaranteed to bring a smile to the one you love this Valentine’s Day.